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RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED Business consulting

Many leaders, groups, and companies are stuck. Instead of driving toward greatness, their team remains stationary with their full potential just a distant vision on the horizon. That’s where Morgan E. Ray comes in...


Morgan E. Ray is a dynamic therapist, providing counseling and consulting services for more than 20 years. Morgan helps people see that denying change is denying reality, and when individuals change, the surrounding systems and culture are forced to change as well. Change starts with the individual, and Morgan guides and supports individuals on their journey to becoming “Whole Self” leaders. She improves professional and personal relationships through a variety of techniques focused on self-reflection and introspection. These techniques change personal mindsets, and ultimately improve professional and personal relationships by fostering effective and clear communication.
Negativity can undermine trust, progress, and overall success, both within the individual and the organization. Morgan serves as a strategic liaison between the company, company leaders, and the collective team, providing individual support, group support, and mediation. She observes and studies the room, as well as communications between individuals and throughout the company. She provides positive feedback and strategic ways to improve communication by eliminating the negative ways individuals and teams interact. She uses humor to build rapport and connect individuals in productive ways so she can truly help heal and shine light on self-love, world love, and leadership love.


Under the expert apprenticeship of Joe Topinka, Morgan has worked to provide results driven relationship building consulting services to businesses all over the country. 





Need help determining the needs of your organization and how Joe and Morgan can help? 

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