One on One Sessions

Your sexuality and your life are defined by more than your body shape or any past trauma. I specialize in helping clients rediscover the joy of using their own bodies, understanding their physical needs, and confronting emotional needs that aren't being met. In addition to a comfortable, safe, emotional space, I offer consultations with a team of professionals who specialize in related medical fields. I want to provide you with the best care possible so you can live your best life.

Speaking Engagements

Whether because of past trauma, current self-esteem issues, body issues or an inability to communicate openly, too many clients I've seen in my growing therapy practice found themselves avoiding situations that could lead to sex. Why? Sex is not bad and it's up to us as health care professionals to create and foster healthy conversation that can get to the root of the cause, and start the process of building our client's "sex esteem." It's time to change the narrative. Penis and Vagina are NOT bad words.



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"Working with Morgan has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s thanks to her I found the courage and strength to begin living my own life, searching for my own happiness, instead of only looking after others. It’s thanks to her I learned that happiness isn’t something that happens to me. Happiness is a process that I have to work on every day."


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