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About Me

Morgan E. Ray LCMHC

Passionate About Teaching Others How To Raise Their Sex Esteem

Building on my own sex-positive outlook that sees sex as something to be responsibly enjoyed, I realized that I needed to develop both a physical and emotional safe-haven for my patients and specifically for those who could not find the ability to enjoy sex, romance, or intimacy.

Penis and Vagina are not bad words. Discussing our desires, both

physical and emotional, are essential in living the healthy and happy lives we ALL deserve. 

My work is dedicated to raising my client's "Sex Esteem" and teaching others how to do the same through their work in the health industry and beyond. 

Whether you're a prospective client looking for 1 on 1 counseling, a couple, or hosting an event, I would love to talk to you about how I can help!


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  • B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Charlotte (2003)

  • Masters in Community Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina Charlotte (2011)

  • Founder of Sex Therapy Charlotte

  • License No. and State: 10062 North Carolina

  • AASECT Member since 2010

  • ACA Member since 2009

  • Member of the Charlotte Transgender Health Care Group since 2012

About Me

Daniel miles

A fulfilling, meaningful sex life doesn't just happen -- it takes intention, dedication, and practice.  Daniel Miles would suggest that this is true for any aspect of our lives to be lived with courage and authenticity.  Coming from a primarily humanist and existentialist orientation, Daniel seeks to work with clients to uncover the deepest significance of each aspect of their daily lives, sexual and otherwise.


Daniel comes to counseling with a fifteen-year career as a hospital chaplain and clinical pastoral education supervisor.  He has been with countless patients and families through illnesses, accidents, surgeries, and deaths.  Specializing in grief and loss, Daniel has spent many late nights with people facing the inconceivable and helping to hold the difficult work of finding meaning.  Daniel's education in theology has given him a broad and open approach to spirituality: he has worked with patients and families from nearly every faith background imaginable and is comfortable engaging clients in whatever spirituality is meaningful to them.


Daniel also specializes in helping clients navigate relationships and communication, particularly in times of transition.  He has education in object-relations therapy, a psychotherapeutic modality that focuses on attachment experiences in early childhood and exploring the possibilities for overcoming dysfunctional relational patterns.  Communication can be tough, but it can also be learned!  Daniel is comfortable working with relationships of all types, and has experience working with LGBTQIA clients and is well versed in polyamory and nonmonogamy.


It is Daniel's hope that he can help each of his clients live a life of authenticity and connection with others.

Daniel is a licensed professional counselor and obtained his Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UNCC. 


Daniel specializes in grief and loss, spirituality and/or religious conflict, polyamory and nonmonogamy, interpersonal communication issues, body image, self esteem, and family conflict.


Contact us about booking with Daniel today!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, NC (pending)

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of North Carolina Charlotte

  • Association of Clinical Pastoral Education Certified Educator

  • Association of Professional Chaplains Board Certified Chaplain

  • Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religion from University of Tennessee Knoxville

About Me

Kimberly rogers

Sometimes, making changes in our lives means reinventing the stories of how we interact with the world. 

When meeting with her clients, Kimberly brings with her a new perspective on the client's life and an ability to recognize patterns that might not be visible to the person living through them. In addition, she provides the expertise to help clients change patterns that aren't working for them.

Kimberly works as an "editor" who helps clients rewrite the stories of their lives. To do that, clients need to understand both where they start and where they want to go, according to Kimberly.

“I prefer to focus my clients on overall wellness rather than the idea of good or bad  mental health," she said. "I help my clients understand their strength and resilience, rather than seeing and working on only weaknesses.”

With each client, Kimberly tries to create a judgement-free zone where they can talk about anything, be as vulnerable as they can be and know they will receive only support and guidance. Kimberly believes that when clients feel safe, they can begin working on their confidence and examine what they really want from life. 

"Most clients come to see me when they are experiencing distress in their lives. My most important job is to help them feel safe enough to understand why they're in distress and what they can do about it," she said. "When clients can define what they need, they're beginning on the path toward creating a life worth living, a story worth telling."

Book with Kimberly today!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (NC 9309)

  • Master of the Arts in Community Counseling from University of North Carolina Charlotte

  • Graduate Certificate in Community Health​

  • Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology; minor in Women & Gender Studies from James Madison University

  • Women's issues 

  • Anxiety 

  • Career planning & development

  • Academic issues

  • Body image & self esteem

  • Confusion about sexual orientation

  • Grief & loss

  • Military personnel & military-affiliated concerns

  • Veteran & veteran-dependent transitions 

  • Sexual trauma

  • Interpersonal violence

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