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Advice to my girls💪🏼😸✊🏼

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Your as well as other- the Actions must match words, potential is nothing if it is not realized.

Believe people when they reveal themselves.

Words hurt.

You matter to me.

You are worthy of self love, any friend, partner, person near you needs to nourish and add to your self love growth

Life matters, do something with yours, everyday.

Do not take it (people) personal! Everyone of us has something going on that we don’t share with others.

If someone has hurt you, most likely they are hurting. That said, don’t let people to continue to hurt you. You always have choices!!

Talk- often and openly to your loved ones - communicate !! With an open heart and listening ears!

Practice ACTIVE listening, not just waiting for your turn to speak.

Explore- yourself, the world, your ideas, and thoughts.

Set Goals and boundaries, keep both of them in check.

Your body, your rules.

Be you, even if you are feeling like you don’t know who you are, explore, talk, love, give yourself permission to feel anything.

Give yourself permission to move through life feeling things, you are a human, flawed and growing.

You can visit shame but don’t move in and stay. Know better do better!

Take responsibility for yourself. Learn about yourself and what things work for you to help you continue loving and living your best life. You get one. Respect that.

Luck favors the prepared.

Being empathetic is a gift. Being overly empathetic is a curse. Learn to balance them.

We change our minds and you are allowed to, I also encourage you to have your own foundations and truths that YOU stand by.

Sleep late on the weekends.

Hug your parents and call them often. They are your touchstone and your support, always, no matter what.

Honestly that comes from love is hard to hear and hard to say, they are both necessary in a loving relationship.

Make a decision or it will be made for you.

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